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Chef Emmanuel, is one of Kenyas best chef's. Like art, cooking requires some inspiration. For me, it can range from the simplest daily activities, to my travels, to the foods that are fresh and in-season at the local farmer’s market. Once I’ve found my inspiration, I like to use a variety of classic and modern techniques such as juicing, pickling, or preserving to create a dish that brings out the flavors of each ingredient. My passion for food and learning has brought many new, fun and delicious dishes to the table. And for me, it’s not just my work. It’s what I love to do. As a chef there is nothing better than showing your love for others through your food. I never want to settle for what I know. I want to create new culinary experiences for myself and those who enjoy my dishes.


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Chef for hire in Nairobi

I’m always open to opportunities, collaborations and special events whenever and wherever they might be. I love to travel and explore new adventures. Let me know if you have something coming up that I can help you with.